Single-Ended Triode Preamplifier

Ürün Kısa Açıklama alanı burada.

The Absolare Preamplifier has been designed with the goal of creating a pure and emotionally engaging preamplifier. A preamplifier capable of conveying the deepest musical integrity within the faithful reproduction of the recorded performance.Through several years of methodical research, the Absolare team has indeed come to believe that there is an absolute in terms of identifying the right components and correctly implementing them within the ultimate minimalist pre-amplifier design. A synergized ensemble of customized, cost-no-object and rare components all critically chosen for their superior performance. The design principle in the Absolare preamplifier is best reflected in the following three words – “Purity, Control, and Power”. Purity of Signal, control of resonance and clean power.The Absolare preamplifier has been presented together with the Absolare Single-Ended and the PushPull amplifiers since the Munich High end 2012 show, and has received dozens of Best of Show awards since its introduction.