845 Single Ended Triode Amplifier

Timbres are richly portrayed, with a density of color and warmth that makes even the best solid-state sound very slightly mechanical or artificial. Absolare totally lack any synthetic patina, instead rendering instruments and voices with a natural and organic quality. It’s the kind of sound that as soon as the music starts playing just seems “right”—you don’t have to consciously overlook the system’s lack of timbral realism to enjoy the music. The Absolare electronics have a directness and realism that conveys a more convincing illusion of live instruments.

Absolare is able to bring these qualities - the required dynamics, bass control and the highest possible harmonic resolution to the Single-Ended Triode topology in a coherent fashion. In addition, Absolare re-defines the power perception as well. A true 52 watts, if applied correctly, is sufficient to drive a broad range of speakers. It is not only the electrical design but also the quality of components used to implement that design that help to insure that the listener hears a life-like presentation of the musical performance. Approximately 80% of the power and signal components are custom manufactured by Mundorf. In addition, we realize that the best 845 tube sockets are made in Japan, and the most natural sounding resistors are also made by a specialized company in Japan. The transformers are custom manufactured for Absolare after years of research and development in Europe. The Absolare S.E.T. Power Amplifiers have been presented since the Munich High end 2012 show, and has received dozens of Best of Show awards since its introduction.